We only use exceptional products and we offer a unique experience in a luxurious spa setting.

Please note that this price chart is for guidance only. We consider every case separately. When pricing our job we take the following factors into consideration:.

  • Salon or Mobile
  • Size of the dog
  • Grooming history
  • Stage and condition of the coat
  • Thickness of the coat
  • Medical Conditions
  • Dog’s age
  • Dog’s behaviour



We need to consider these factors as they determine the levels of work required. We don't want to overcharge you nor do we wish to underestimate what is required. Please be as precise as possible when describing your dog to us over the phone. The price of the grooming will be agreed with you before we start. The below table provides some examples of prices for our Salon. A call out charge of £1 per mile is added for our Mobile service.

GroupBreedPrice Range from £ GroupBreedPrice Range from £ GroupBreedPrice Range from £ GroupBreedPrice Range from £
GundogsGolden Retriever65 HoundDachshund Wire45 ToyBichon
48 UtilityLhasa Apso48
Cocker Spaniel50-60Dachshund Smooth35 Havenese48Poodle Toy40-50
Springer Spaniel45-50Saluki30 Yorkie40Poodle Mini45-55
Weirmaraner40Ridgeback35 Pom40Poodle Standard50-75
Labrador35-45Beagle30 Cavalier King Charles45Mini Schnauzer45-50
PastoralCorgi40 TerriersScottie48 WorkingGiant Schnauzer65 Tibetan Terrier50-65
Border Collie50Westie45 Black Russian Terrier95Cockerpoo45-65
German Shepherd50-95Jack Russel35-45 Boxer35Labradoodle50-75
Bearded Collie65Schnauzer48 Husky45-55Poochon45-55
Rough Collie65Airedale65 Bernese Mountain Dog65-75Schnoodle45-50

DIY Wash & Go

£12 - Small

£14 - Medium

£17 - Large

£20 - Extra Large

£5 - Upgrade package to include: use of a Happy Hoodie, Kong Zoom Groom, Oatmeal & Blueberry Facial and a Pet Cologne of your choice to get the ultimate salon results.

Micro Chipping

£15 each
discount given for multiples

A La Carte Spa Services

Doesn't your dog deserve to be pampered from nose to paw? They give you unconditional love so why not treat them and pamper your Very Important Pooch with a spa treatment.

Price A La Carte Spa Menu
£15 Nagayu CO2  Hydrotherapy Treatment
£20 Madra Mor Mud Bath
£60 Holistic Spa Package
£40 Cleany Teeth Ultra Sonic Toothbrush Session - £25 for follow up sessions
£5 Blueberry & Oatmeal Facial Scrub
£10 Reiki Massage
£10 Specialist Flea Bath
£10 Nail Trimming
£5 Tick Removal

Compulsory Hugs and kisses are free of charge!

Please read our terms and conditions for information on our de-matting and cancellation policy and other important information.