Why Groom...?

Dogs love it when you scratch the places they can’t reach but nobody likes a smelly dog. To ensure your dog is happy and healthy, grooming is an essential part of dog ownership. Whether short or long hair they all need the benefits of a groom every once in a while. Grooming not only keeps your dog smelling great but also has additional benefits.

  • Your pet looks (and smells) great
  • Reduces risk of fleas and ticks
  • Perform regular health check
  • Removes dirt and grime from fur and skin
  • Prevents knotting and matting
  • Stimulates and promotes healthy hair and skin
  • Creates manageable coat for your life style
  • Promotes bonding between owner and pet

Contact us today and together we can work out a suitable grooming regime to keep your dog in Pawsome condition!

Styling Preference

Before any grooming takes place a detailed consultation will be carried out to establish the exact needs of both you and your pet, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We will discuss the kind of groom you want, any styling preference, what the breed standard is and what we can achieve given the condition of the coat and the temperament and health of the dog.

The welfare of your pet is of utmost importance to us and so all pets will receive a health check and any concerns will be highlighted to you. We are not medical professionals but we will do our best to highlight any funny lumps and bumps so you can take the necessary advice from your vet.

Please take the time to read our terms and conditions as you will be asked to sign and agree to these during your first consultation.


Grooming Packages

The Pawsome Original...

This package is perfect for every dog's essential grooming needs. We start with a nose to tail shampoo ensuring a squeaky clean coat ready for the turbo dry. Once dry, we will brush through the coat using the appropriate tools for the breed. We then tidy their pads, trim their nails, clean their ears and finish off with a spritz of a cologne of your choice, from our fantastic hand picked range.

The Inbetweener...

This package is great for long haired breeds that need just that little bit extra in between their full groom. It includes everything you get from the original, plus anything to keep them in tip tip condition until their next Pawsome Premier. This might include a a trim around the eyes, the all important hygiene trim, a tidy around the paws and whatever else..... of course this is all dependant on your dogs breed and needs.

The Pawsome Première...

To get your pooch red carpet ready this package includes everything from the the Inbetweener (which includes everything from the original) plus a stylist finish, which can be as simple as a "short back and sides" to the Kennel Club breed standard or even the beautifully creative, Japanese-inspired Asian Fusion. This is our most customisable groom, and we will do our utmost to cater for any breed, any style, whatever you want ... it's the Première!

Spa Packages

The Nagayu...

Our COhydrotherapy treatment is an extremely powerful and effective treatment to combat allergies, yeast infections, hot spots, dandruff, and even insect bites - essential treatments for some of our dogs. The COcapsule is placed in a special shower head to provide the final rinse, which increases circulation and promotes cell regeneration, speeding up the healing process. It also stimulates hair growth! The Nagayu COspa package also comes with a fresh mint foam to improve smelly breath and an Oatmeal & Blueberry facial scrub - its gentle and tear-less ingredients remove dirt and reduce tear staining.

The Madra Mor Mud Bath...

We have a range of natural and organic mud baths to treat skin conditions. These are hand-picked mineral-enriched clays, with skin care ingredients that soothe, hydrate and care for your dog's coat and skin. They help with itchy, dry and irritated skin, manage and reduce shedding coat, kill fleas, and even ease minor aches and pains. The Madra Mor Mud bath spa package also comes with a fresh mint foam to improve smelly breath and an Oatmeal & Blueberry facial scrub - its gentle and tear-less ingredients remove dirt and reduce tear staining.

The Holistic...

Our most luxurious pampering spa package promotes health and well-being for your dog and provides everything we think they deserve. The Nagayu CO hydrotherapy treatment combined with your choice of Madra Mor mud bath with the Oatmeal & Blueberry facial scrub will leave your dog's skin and coat in fantastic condition. In addition to all of this we will clean you dog's teeth with the "cleany teeth" ultrasonic toothbrush - improving their oral hygiene. To promote their mental and physical well-being the grooming session is completed with a therapeutic Reiki natural healing massage. By choosing this holistic package you are providing your pooch with the ultimate care and they will leave our salon looking their best and feeling fantastic. Truly living their best life!

Coat Care Products

We believe in using high quality, cruelty free products that deliver wonderful lasting results and wherever possible we select products that are made with natural ingredients. That is why we use Millys shampoos, perfumes and hygiene products as our main coat care brand. Their products are all handcrafted in England, cruelty free, vegan friendly with no nasty chemicals. AND they smell amazing!

The shampoo's are all hypoallergenic, pH balanced, full of vitamins E and B with soothing aloe vera and moisturising neem. The perfumes are water based, enriched with aloe vera, vitamins E and B, puppy friendly and eliminate doggy odour. They complement the shampoos and are great to use use in between grooms. The entire range of products is suitable for all skin types, including the groomer!

Millys Blueberry and Vanilla Shampoo - For light coloured coats, it enhances whitening and contains natural flea and tick repellents.

Millys Cucumber and Melon Shampoo - Degreases, deep cleans and deodorises, whilst enhancing the condition and shine of the coat - great for extra smelly dirty dogs.

Millys Rhubarb and Black Plum Shampoo - Will naturally add moisture without removing natural and another amazing deodorise.

Millys Peppermint and Lime Shampoo - Will deep clean and nourish and soothe the skin.

Millys Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo - Perfect for extra sensitive skin this unscented shampoo will sooth and nourish skin.

Millys Facial Scrub - A tear free formula that helps to remove tear stains.

Millys Tropical Ear Cleaner - Gently cleans and removes wax from the ear.

Millys Perfumes - A range of coordinating perfumes with long lasting scents.